What Makes Poker Players Better than Us?

Poker Players

Something is fascinating about the poker professionals that the recreational gamblers lack. They possess the charm and personality of how an ideal player would look on a poker table. They are not very different from the roleplaying actors that we see in the movies. They possess the personality and the charm of a professional while they also keep healthy gambling habits. When the cards and tables are the same, how do professional players always seem to stay ahead of us? Here are some reasons.

Comprehensive understanding

The professional players do not see poker as a money-making machine but as a study. They learn its dynamics and how every situation can affect their chances. They like to keep open perspectives about anything without rushing into judgments. It keeps them realistic and ready for any type of situation. This skillset is developed only after years of gaming.

Poker Players

Poker pros play for a living

While it is suggested to see poker as only an entertainment activity and not as a means of income, the pros actually do it. Several poker pros have gaming as their primary source of income. They do not jump into playing poker with money. They plan everything to make sure they make good decisions. They may even have a financial advisor to help them manage their money while they can make profits. The pros always suggest playing with only 2-5% of the entire bankroll so you never go in losses.

They have a fearless approach

Poker pros are not afraid to take risks when they feel positive. They are hard to manipulate and scare when they are at the table. They can double raise on a bet that was meant to make them fold. They can get aggressive in betting in two situations – when they feel the highest chances to win and when they feel is the right time to bluff and pressure the opponents.

They make it look easy

Another quality of a poker pro is that they can make every game seem easy. Their decisions to fold, call, and raise are so fluent that one may feel there is no pressure involved in poker. It is only then they experience the games themselves they realize how hard betting money can become. But, the pros have the calm of pretending everything is okay even when it is not.

Poker Players


Poker pros are similar to any other game pros. They practice throughout the year under a discipline to make sure they are ready for big tournaments. They start preparing early and study their opponents and the game every day. While they may not look as prepared as the pros in sports like the NBA and FIFA, they have their own ways of getting prepared. They get prepared mentally which can be seen during the games.

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